Artsy Photos via Lightroom 4

  • Artsy presets for you to use via Lightroom 4
  • Turning your photos into caricatures through a special Lightroom 4 preset
  • Adjusting the color and texture of your photo without altering its natural image

If you are quite artsy when it comes to enhancing your photos, then you would love to have these free Lightroom 4 presets with you.


Incorporating the elements of art into your photo is something not all photo lovers can do. It takes a perfect eye and a comprehensive knowledge on design and coordination for you to be able to come up with pictures that has more art than others do. With these free Lightroom 4 presets, though, that art has found its tool.

It may sound like a hyperbole at first to say that art in photography has found its perfect tool in Lightroom 4, but its presets alone indicate that it is indeed capable of turning your ordinary photos into artsy ones.

One classic example for that is its “Pencil Draw” preset. The idea of turning your photos into a caricature is unheard of the past, unless you hire a graphic artist to do that. Otherwise, it’s almost impossible to do just that, let alone transforming those lines into doodles or drawings.

But with these free Lightroom 4 presets, it is no longer far-fetched to transform your picture like that found on the editorial pages of a newspaper. Everything is quite possible with Lightroom, particularly with these presets that Lightroom 4 has to offer.

And if you can have these free Lightroom 4 presets today, it’s only a matter of time before your viewers will notice the significant changes you have incorporated with your photos. They may even consider you as a true blue photographer or a first class artist with the way you enhance your photos. Of course, with the help of these Lightroom 4 presets.

There’s art in Lightroom. And it starts by downloading these free Lightroom 4 presets in your PC.

Basic Tips When Hiring Wedding Photographers

  • One of the biggest pre-wedding anxieties for most brides and grooms to be is finding the best wedding photographer.
  • This article will give you some important tips when hiring wedding photographers for your wedding.
  • Photographers wouldn’t accept the job if they don’t know what they’re doing.

Generally, one of the biggest pre-wedding anxieties for most brides and grooms to be is how they are going to find the best wedding photographer that will cover their engagement and wedding day. We all know that weddings are once in a lifetime event and that day should be super extra special for the couple. That’s why in this article, we will give you some important tips when hiring wedding photographers for your wedding.


Hire a decent wedding photographer

There are a lot of wedding photographers around the world and even in your own country or city and choosing the best photographer is really hard. Hiring a decent wedding photographer rather than a well-known photographer is more suggested. Why? Because a well-known photographer might be the cause of the delay of your wedding since you will be the one to adjust to their hectic schedules.

Ask for a unique engagement photo session

When hiring a decent and a skilled photographer, you can ask them for a unique engagement shoot. In that way, you are also giving them a task that will enhance their skills in wedding photography. An engagement shoot will also help photographers test their editing skills; it’s already up to them if they will use photography workflow like wedding presets for Lightroom by Sleeklens or they will create their own workflow.

Trust their photography skills

When hiring a photographer, you are also giving them the responsibility to make everything perfect. So if you have doubts in your photographer, speak it out before the wedding day. But of course, you need to trust their photography skills because they wouldn’t accept the job if they don’t know what they’re doing.

Lightroom Actions for Your Dull Photos

  • A photo-editing tool that creates “action” on still images
  • Downloadable Lightroom actions for the improvement of your photo images
  • Lightroom actions that compatible with your laptop, phones and desktop computers

Putting “action” into a still photo is not only weird, but it is downright impossible at times. But don’t make no mistake about it, that is quite possible right now with the help of these Lightroom actions.


Ever since Lightroom came into the photography scene, it has made some significant contributions as far as elevating photography into a unique art form, capable of stirring man’s deepest emotions. And these emotions are quite palpable at times, especially when we get to see photos enhance with its Lightroom actions.

Lightroom actions are tools you can use on your photo if you want to create that interactive feel of your photos. If you are tired of looking at your photos without any life at all, then these Lightroom actions are your antidote to it.

It has tools that can literally make drastic changes on your dull photos without altering its original image, without even sacrificing its natural aura.

It is the next best thing when it comes to photo editing because you can experiment editing through its layers until you can come up with that effect you have in mind.

You need not concern yourself anymore if these Lightroom actions are compatible with your gadgets. You can incorporate them into your photo images, whether you’re using your Mac or PC. And mind you, with its rich collection of actions online free, any effect or enhancement will take shape in no time.

So get your Lightroom actions now and make your photos more engaging and interesting when you post them on your page. Your Lightroom action actually will be the difference maker every time you post these pictures online, giving you that edge over other photo enthusiasts.

Be like those professional designers when they present photos, with that necessary sophistication and finesse. And you can have that effect if you use these Lightroom actions on your photos.

Your Photoshop Outdoor Images

  • Outdoor photos that bring back fond memories
  • Easy to handle Photoshop action tools for the enhancement of your landscape photos
  • Over 100 free Photoshop actions to use for your outdoor and landscape images

Pictures about the outdoors always bring fond memories to the viewers, especially when it involves family and loved ones. It puts a smile on everyone’s faces every time they get hold of these pictures. And Photoshop knows that too well, the reason why it has introduced Photoshop actions for a more complete experience.


Outdoor actions for Photoshop is the best of its kind when it comes to editing outdoors photos. Landscape photography, for instance, is now having its revival of late with more and more photographers are using it as part of their portfolio.

But why go for Photoshop actions? What makes it so unique that even professional designers are using it for their wares?

Many professionals, photographers and designers alike, go to Photoshop actions because it edits photos more than just changing the color of your picture or brightening a dark image, it incorporates a variety of effects as well, enabling you to churn out lifelike images.

There are over 100 free Photoshop actions online. Practically the web is your repository of Photoshop actions for your photos, and these outdoor actions for Photoshop is one of them.

You can now enhance outdoor pictures that only professionals are capable of producing. What a privilege it would be if we can use these actions before we post these pictures online. Photoshop, in a way, is making photo editing accessible to everyone, not just with photographers only.

So what are you waiting for, download these outdoor actions for Photoshop now, and experience that awesome effect of putting that necessary “action” on your static images. That is more or less giving photography that much-needed lift for it to compete with the moving pictures.

Scour the web and choose that appropriate Photoshop action for your landscape pictures. It is only when you start using this app that you’ll begin to understand and enjoy the benefits of its usage. These outdoor actions for Photoshop makes way for those fond memories you used to associate with outdoor photos.

Photoshopped Images Explained

PSCC3How many times have you heard about people using Adobe Photoshop to modify and enhance images? If you say a lot, then did you ever think it’s bad or did you ever think that the program can be used for hidden agendas?

Basically, Adobe Photoshop was not built for bad intentions. It was intended for professional photographers so that they can produce an amazing photograph. The problem with some users is that they are using the program to make fun of other people and for Adobe, it is not an acceptable act.

Adobe Photoshop has been receiving complaints and negative reviews lately. Some people want to remove Photoshop for good so that it cannot be used for other purposes. But Adobe defends themselves and said that Photoshop is not to blame for all these issues and controversies because Photoshop is just a tool, people controls it and so they are the ones to blame.

Most of the time, photographers are using the best photoshop actions they can use so as to limit the adjustments. Actions are recorded step by step process and can be rerun to raw images at once. Professional photographers are knowledgeable about the rules. They just don’t modify images, they are earning from it and that’s why they have to do the right editing method for their images.

Adobe Photoshop is not a necessity, but for some people, good quality image is important. Photoshop is widely used to modify and enhance special events images, business related such as magazine covers, brand logos and other significant purposes. Photoshop is not a bad tool at all. It is a program that will help us transform a dull image into a stunning and brilliant photograph.

Photoshop Action Photographers

pre5Photography is an art, and photographers are artisans. Ever since photography became a genre apart from painting and cinema, it has delighted so many people while others are having a career out of it.

But when Photoshop was introduced, many photographers consider it as an integral part of their apparatus. A list of Photoshop actions for photographers are available online, and with it, photographers can now choose from a wide array of actions for their respective photos.

Photographers now have enough options on how to present their photos, at times though depending on the style or effect their clients want. Suffice it to say, they are more diversified compared to those old school photographers that has a limited amount of style to their photos.

Photoshop actions come in different levels, which makes photo enhancing more flexible, free flowing and fun at the same time. You can explore a ton of combinations for your portraits, a collection of actions that enhances your pictures with the same breath as that of high-definition images on cinema.

These Photoshop actions for photographers also can be filed through folders so they can store it for future use. This one element is so advantageous to photographers because they do not have to bring their wares when they work on their photos, they can always get it through the app.

So convenient is photo enhancing nowadays that you can enhance your pictures through your mobile phones, only if you download the app.

And as a professional photographer, you need to be sensitive to the demands of your clients. At times, the demand for quality pictures is not so much as how professional you are with your work, all you need to do really is to have these Photoshop actions on your phone or PC, then you can start enhancing your photos through your own individual style.

Simply put, you are a photographer in your own right with Photoshop actions.

More of Adobe Lightroom Presets

LR1Basically, having the thought of modifying images without presets is like going to a war without enough paraphernalia. It is very impossible to experience a fantastic workflow without using the pretty presets for Lightroom since it is the heart and soul of the program.

In this article, we will discuss more of Adobe Lightroom presets so that we will able to understand how these presets works for all images.

Downloading, Buying or Creating Collections of Presets

With Adobe Lightroom being the number one on-the-go editing software in the market, the internet world has also been drowned with hundreds or even millions of customized presets made by professionals and amateur photographers and artists. Actually, you can either choose to get a free pretty presets for Lightroom or purchase it with a corresponding price, depending on the styles and quality of the presets. Presets are usually sold in bundles or in one collection folder and you can download and install it straight on your Lightroom’s interface.

Lightroom presets can sometimes be expensive, but depending on your personal choice, you can either get the free ones or purchase the best collections of presets. In my own opinion, I think that it is better to be safe than sorry. Purchasing good quality presets is more acceptable than getting unpolished or junky presets online. However, creating your own, customized presets are the best thing to do when using Lightroom. By doing so, you’ll be able to include your own sense of style, and effects selections.

Basically, what I do with Lightroom is that when I think that I have enough and extra time to create presets, I’d do it. But when I’m in the middle of meeting a client’s deadline, I chose to purchase ready made and high-quality bundles of presets to speed up the modification process.

That Best Moment with Your Adobe Presets

It never runs out of supply, mind you, the list of best Adobe presets are all stacked in a variety of collections online. You don’t have to scour further for that photo processing you’ve always wanted for your photos, there are enough Adobe presets on the web available for you.

LR 25These Adobe presets are so convenient, to start with, because it has a non-destructive editing process. It’s convenience comes when you don’t have to worry anymore if you did not create the appropriate mood or feel of your photo image, with an Adobe preset, you can always revert back to the previous changes you have done with your photo.

This gives you full control over your editing and to your photos in general. But you have to be very specific with using images with Adobe, especially with Photoshops, because they cannot edit Raw images from a camera, but only those with common formats. Nevertheless, that doesn’t stop Adobe from creating quality pictures in return.

The list of best Adobe presets come in all shapes and sizes. It is, in fact, enhancing photos as if explaining difficult subjects into layman’s term, that is the essence of incorporating Adobe presets into your photos.

These presets are download-ready, and you can experiment right away as soon as you have it. You can make enhancements with its hue, make adjustments with its saturation, and do some changes with its luminosity. Creating an impact to viewers is one of the great effects that these Adobe presets can do to your action cameras review photos.

This photo enhancing solution is perfect for any wedding events because it has a coterie of presets that suits the needs of those taking the vow, it highlights certain moments, capturing eventually the idea of two people rolled into one.

These Adobe presets will definitely make your photo dreams come true, aside from your wedding dreams, of course. You need to use the best for that best moment in your life, and you can only have that with the list of Adobe presets in store for you online.

The Necessary Elements of Your Landscape Photo

Landscape photography is one of the popular forms used by professional photographers as part of their diversified portfolio. Aside from doing portraits, of course, landscape photography is slowly, if not steadily, gaining ground as a form worth pursuing because you can experiment with it in so many ways and most of the time it gives us a relaxing feeling every time we look at it afterwards.

LR13 - CopyBut when landscape presets was introduced into the mix, this photo art form that many are pursuing right now is changing dramatically with all the tools and style that these presets can offer.

Yes, tons of presets are available online, and you can use them to your heart’s content. But the challenge now is how to enhance images using landscape presets. It’s not so much a question of what but how to enhance these images tells the difference.

With Lightroom, for example, you would notice there are three things you need to look into when enhancing your landscape image, which includes hue, saturation and luminance. The necessary elements when enhancing images on your landscape photo.

You think of the color and the shades of it when it comes to enhancing the hue of your landscape image. By doing so, you develop the character of your landscape through the hues that you have employed on your photo.

Consequently, you think of degrees when it comes to saturation. The process of saturation deals with how much you are going to dissolve or absorb certain hues on your photo to achieve an even greater effect, like highlighting that red glare to emphasize the setting of that sun.

Luminance is like saturation but with a bit of intensity, especially with lights. This is an important factor also on how to enhance images using landscape presets because it enables you to highlight the glow of your landscape photo.

Light, most of the time, dictates the aura of a particular picture, and if you can enhance that via your landscape preset, you can be sure that people will take notice of it.

Taking into consideration these three elements in enhancing your images is a sure way to make a career out of shooting landscapes.


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